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Program Core Values

As coaches, we realize that our actions and words send a message about what is important. Our top responsibility being to represent our school and community the right way, we aim to run a program in which the following core values are constantly emphasized. We aim to instill these values in our players in such a way that they ultimately learn from their soccer experiences that there is depth to life and sport beyond merely winning or losing.

The core values of Elizabethtown Soccer are WORK ETHIC, COMMITMENT, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY. Work Ethic
  • Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.
  • The one aspect of a player’s game that he can always control is how hard he works.
  • Your work ethic in practice immediately affects your skill development and your teammates’ level of competition.
  • Your work ethic in games and practices immediately affects your usefulness to the team, and thus, your playing time.
  • Expect your coaches to push you harder than you can handle. Expect yourself to step up to the level; your coaches expect it from you.
  • No player is above any other; we each help out.


  • Be there in body, mind, and spirit.
  • The group’s success depends on each individual’s commitment to the same goals.
  • Tardiness or absence – physical or mental – is a player’s way of saying that his time is more important than the team’s. It is not tolerated and has immediate playing time consequences.
  • Taking care of his academic responsibilities is a player’s primary commitment to his team.
  • Each player shows his commitment to the team by being prepared for practice each day, wearing team colors to practice and bringing the most positive mind frame possible.


  • The brotherhood is built on respect.
  • Each player must always remember R.O.O.T.S.: Respect Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and Self.
  • Putting down teammates is putting down the team.
  • Putting down opponents or officials is an insult to the sport.
  • Players never show-up nor address officials, except captains addressing them in a positive manner.
  • Players always shake hands with opponents, officials, and opposing coaches, no matter the situation.
  • No player is ever given more duties than any other. This would be a sign of disrespect. Each participant is an equal; if you disrespect one, you disrespect all.


  • Our first obligation is to represent Elizabethtown.
  • Our program is a “no excuse” program. Excuses are the same as blaming someone else.
  • Responsibility is the way we show work ethic, commitment, and respect.
  • Coaches’ expectations are reasonable, even if challenging. Players are expected to rise to team expectations.
  • Players have the responsibility to maintain team equipment, particularly that balls are properly inflated and all gear kept in top shape. No player is left out of team duties.