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Big E Tip Sheet for Parent Reps

Big E Booster Club 

Notes for Coaches and Representatives: Completely updated for March 2022  

  • Team Apparel Approval – Coach Organizes

      **The coach must send any Team Apparel designs to the Athletic Director (AD) for approval before ordering.  If purchased for the team the Check Request must also be signed by the AD before being submitted to Big E.

  • Sports Awards – Coach Organizes
    • The Big E Booster will reimburse the teams for 2 plaques or trophies at $20 each for a maximum reimbursement of $40. * A transfer request should be completed when the team has purchased the plaques or trophies. Attachment #2
    • Coaches can decide on what the plaque should say and what they are honoring (Most Improved, MVP, Best....)  
  • Coaches are permitted to purchase additional trophies or plaques but it will come out of their TEAM Account
  1. Check Requests – Treasurer Organizes

     Only Head Coaches and the Team Representative have authorization to request money from the Big E Booster Team account.  Parents, friends, assistant coaches still must have the Head Coach and the Booster Club Representative's signature or authorization (electronic) to authorize payment.  Parents and assistant coaches must obtain spending approval from the coach and rep before making any purchases.  After purchase they will submit the check request first to the Team Rep and the Coach for payment authorization.  Please understand that this is to protect the Booster and the Teams. 

  • Varsity Jackets – President Organizes 
  • At the end of the school year the President should evaluate the stock of jackets as provided by the assistant to the AD.  They should then compare the stock with the average need for the last few school years and place an order in the summer based on those needs.  
  • Place an order with ESG or Designs Unlimited. Current prices are $110 for xs – xl jackets, $125 for 2xl, $145 for 3xl.
  • ESG or Designs Unlimited should contact the Athletic Department to get the needed amount of Varsity letters. 
  • Students will be called to AD to try on jackets for sizing once they are identified receiving their second Varsity letter.
  • Students can also choose the premium rain jacket instead of the Varsity jacket.
  • Senior Flowers and Photos – Assistant to Athletic Director Organizes
  • Flowers will be ordered from Floral Designs of Mount Joy
  • A single carnation will be purchased for each senior (girl and guy) for all sports.  (Football, Cheer and Band typically share the same senior night but we do not purchase for the Band). Current price is $2.25 per flower. If a team wishes to change the type of flower for something more expensive Big E will give them a credit of $2.25 per senior toward that purchase. Notify the President when making this request.
  • The coach is responsible for notify the AD office how many seniors will be honored and the date and time of the senior night.
  • An email or call to place the orders is made to Floral Designs. The AD or Assistant to the AD will pick them the day of the event to the High School office.  See Example below.
  • Mackenzie (AD office) will have the Athletic Manager deliver them to the game.
  • The Senior Night Photographer will be Melissa Rhoads, Hatha Photography.  Kenzie will email the schedule and times to Melissa.
  • Senior Night is held right before the start of the Varsity contest.




# Seniors




Field Hockey


Before 3:00

High School office – Mackenzie Deardorff


Cross Country


Before 3:00


Girls Soccer


Before 3:00

  • Fair Parking – President and Treasurer Organizes
  • Remind Coaches at the May meeting about the fundraiser.  Sign-ups will be held at the June Booster meeting.   
  • Contact the Northwest Savings approximately 2 ½ weeks prior to notify them of the amount of money needed for change.  
  • The week prior to the fair contact Kenzie to get the signs, vests and flashlights.
  • Board puts signs at the entrances to the High School, East High and Bear Creek.   
  • Board members set the schedule for the money to be picked up each day and notify the coach or Booster Team Rep where to pick up the money, vets and flashlights from them. 
  • Participating Teams get a percentage of the total sales based on the number of time slots they worked; Big E Booster gets 50% of the profits.  
  • East High lot needs at least 6 volunteers to work both entrances; the High School needs 4 and Bear Creek needs 2.  

**See separate document for Coach and Rep directions on Fair Parking. Attachment #5

  • Sub Sale – Board Organizes
  • Each Team must participate in at least one of the three Sub Sale fundraisers
  • Teams get 50% of their sales, Booster gets 50%.
  • The board will send the order forms, Team Tally sheets and key dates to the Coach and Team Reps to distribute to the players.
  • Team Reps are encouraged to assist with sub distribution on delivery dates.

*See separate document for Rep directions on tabulating and turning in the team’s orders. Attachment #6

  • Important Forms –
    1. Fundraisers – When an individual team is doing a fundraiser the form must be completed by the Coach and Big E Rep. Attachment #1
    2. Check Request Forms – Completed by the Coach or Rep but signed by both. Attachment #3
    3. Deposit Forms – Completed by Coach or Rep.  Attachment #4
  • Transfer Request types: (Attachment #2)
  • From Teams completed by Coach and Rep:
    1. Into team account for banquet trophies from General Fund #101 to Team Account #xyz.
    2. Into team account for Section win or higher from General Fund to Team Account #xyz.
    3. From team account for Fall Program Senior Bios (Fall Sports only), from Team Account #xyz to Fall Program #201.
  1. From Big E completed by Board Member:
    1. Into team account for R&K fundraiser, from Fundraiser #107 to Team Accounts #xyz.
    2. Into team account for Fall Parking fundraiser, from Fundraiser #107 to Team Accounts #xyz.