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Athletic Department Overview

Elizabethtown Area School District believes that sports not only offers students the opportunity to take part in an activity they enjoy, but also provides students many lifelong benefits such as character development, goal setting, and friendships. Athletics also teaches participants lessons in teamwork, discipline, leadership, and overcoming adversity. As such, the district offers an array of athletic programs for high school and middle school students to take part. The administration and coaching staff are proud of the life lessons that can be taught through participation on the Elizabethtown Area interscholastic athletic teams.

The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) and the Lancaster-Lebanon League (LLL) govern Elizabethtown Area School District's athletic programs. The PIAA is responsible for overall organization, development, and direction of the interscholastic athletic programs of Pennsylvania while the LLL, which is comprised of 26 central-Pennsylvania school districts, is responsible for fostering, developing, and promoting athletic relationships between member schools.

PIAA and EASD remind you that your paid or complimentary admission to events entitles you to enjoy an exhibition of skills developed by the students in an educational setting. Please give these students your positive encouragement and support. BOOING, TAUNTING or INTIMIDATING THE OFFICIALS OR OPPONENTS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

To speak with someone on matters relating to "Athletics" including but not limited to, team schedules, field locations or directions to games, contact:

Athletic Department Contacts:

Director of Athletics: Bill Templin  (

Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director: Mackenzie Deardorff   (        717-367-1533, ext 21126